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Lincoln veterinary machine

The Lincoln veterinary machine is designed for the periodic processing of sheep that are kept on free grazing from ectoparasites and other diseases. The machine is mobile. Now the water and the machine can be transported to any location of the flock. Collect in 5 minutes and start processing the sheep.


  • mobility;

  • all work can be done by one operator;

  • saving water;

  • economy of chemical and medicinal products ;

  • fast performance;

  • payback in 1.5-2 years;

  • high quality wool;

  • additional weight gain;

  • no culling and death of animals.


Lincoln model produced  made of high quality stainless steel, which not only gives it an excellent appearance, but more importantly, reduces the weight of the device to 48 kg and makes it free from corrosion. There are two top rows of nozzles running along the length of the race (5 nozzles in each row) and one row of 3 nozzles at the bottom at a 30 degree angle forward. This special configuration of the baits ensures that the animal is well fed. More product is applied to the sheep's back, which then scatters and flows down on either side of the sheep. Simultaneously, the bottom nozzles spray the brisket and wet the butt and tail when the sheep exits the race. This ensures that the Jetter is as effective against ticks and flies as it is against lice and sneakers. The success of this device is based on simplicity, reliability and competitive prices in
combined with a high productivity of sheep per hour, i.e. 800-1000 heads per hour.

* One 5.5 hp Honda Davey fire pump impeller. standard on Lincoln
* A set of hoses is included in the delivery.
* Handles and / or ramps for entry and exit are available as add-ons.

The machine is integrated into the sorting system.

In contrast to the drift hole, the automatic jetting device provides more timely and efficient work.

  • Sprayer Orientation Based on New South Wales Research Department of Primary Industries Engineering Research Department.

  • The activation of the electrical sensor ensures a hassle-free race, reducing vulnerability to animal flow.

  • Battery powered allows the Jetter to be used in remote locations.

  • Conical V-shaped frame for centralizing animals of different sizes and reducing the effect of tunneling.

  • Made of high quality stainless steel, allowing for a compact, lightweight design weighing only 48 kg. 

  • No moving parts requiring maintenance (visual gauge and minimal plumbing and fittings).

  • Large solid flow spray nozzles operating at lower pressures provide less spray drift, reducing the risk of human exposure to pesticides.  

The systems work efficiently so that if the sheep do not pass through the jet, the product is not scattered. This means that no liquid is released; therefore, there is no waste and no need to recycle the contaminated solution. As soon as the sheep enter the pen and break the beam, they immediately receive a portion of the solution; and as soon as they move away from the sensor beam, the scattering of the product stops.

Lincoln Machine Video

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