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Veterinary machine Saxon

The Saxon veterinary machine is designed for  periodic processing of sheep that are kept on free grazing from ectoparasites (ticks, lice, flies and other diseases). The machine is mobile. Now the water and the machine can be transported to any location of the flock. Collect in 15 minutes and start processing the sheep.


  • mobility;

  • all work can be done by one operator;

  • saving water, solution;

  • economy of chemical and medicinal products ;

  • fast performance;

  • payback in 1.5-2 years;

  • high quality wool;

  • work with fine wool;

  • additional weight gain;

  • no culling and death of animals.


The Saxon model is made of high quality stainless steel) larger than the Lincoln model as it is designed to be installed with adjustable sides and side attachments. The advantage of these adjustable sides is that when you are working with different flocks of sheep of different sizes / ages, you can simply adjust the sides to suit your requirements. The side nozzles are specially designed to combat annoying lice in fine-coated breeds, but
many farmers, although not necessarily working with fine-coated breeds, also ask
for this to be included in  PPP jetters. Like the Lincoln Jetter, there are two top rows of nozzles running along the length of the race (5 nozzles per row) and 1 row of 3 nozzles at the bottom, set at a 30 degree angle forward; however, the Saxon Jetter has the addition of 2 side rows on either side of the Jetter with 4 nozzles each. This special nozzle configuration ensures complete saturation. This is intended to better penetrate the lice control solution into the coat as more product is applied on both sides.

The systems work efficiently so that if the sheep do not pass through the jet, the product is not scattered. This means that no liquid is released; hence,
no waste and no need to recycle  contaminated solution. As soon as the sheep enter the race and break the beam, they are immediately hit by the product; and as soon as they move away from the sensor beam, the scattering of the product stops.

Video on the work of the split

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