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Мобильный поворотный ветеринарный станок для работы с овцами и козами.  ​  обрезка копыт  забор крови  вакцинация  обезроживание.

Machine "GNOM"

​ Mobile rotary veterinary machine for working with sheep and goats.

  • hoof trimming

  • blood sampling

  • vaccination

  • dehydration.

Mobile rotary machine weighing only 20 kg. Allows you to use it in any place where animals are present: on a farm, in a maternity ward, in a pasture, etc.

Easily fits into the trunk of your car. Assembled and disassembled in 2 minutes. Version with folded triangular supports on a castor.

Dimensions (edit)  1.3m * 0.2m * 1.0m when folded. For large breeds of sheep, the length of the pen is up to 1.5 m.


Video with the machine "GNOM"

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