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Machine "AIBOLIT"

Вертикальный ветеринарный станок для быстрой вакцинации овец и коз, выдачи витаминов.

Machine "AIBOLIT"

Vertical veterinary machine for quick vaccination of sheep and goats, delivery of vitamins.

  • vaccination;

  • rear haircut;

  • ear markings;

  • manual scanning;

  • dousing;

  • tagging animals;

  • other vet. procedures.

The capacity for dispensing vitamins is up to 800 animals per hour, for vaccination - up to 600 animals per hour.

The manual machine for processing sheep and goats "AIBOLIT" is a simple and effective system that allows you to safely and quickly handle sheep, lambs, goats.

It is completely easy to set up, operate and is a system that works on the principle of the movement of sheep following each other. When sheep, goats pass by the operator, the operator leans forward, pinching the animals in the corridor block. Hands are left free to vaccinate, dispense vitamins, inspect and carry out other veterinary activities. On the left, it is possible to open the flap to access the bottom of the animal. It is possible to trim the rear of the sheep, as well as trim the hooves. After working with the animal, the operator simply tilts to the side  and the animal runs away and the next one follows and then squeezes.

Clamping the animal is done by putting on a chain, allowing the operator to fix the animal and leave for a while.

This machine allows you to carry out 3 or more operations with animals at the same time.


The machine is stationary as standard. Can be completed with double-sided or  a tripartite split .


Machine weight no more than 120 kg.


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