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Разделительная панель для баранов-овец, коз


Dividing panel


For fencing animals around the perimeter and fencing groups of animals during veterinary work.

The dividing panel is used as the main structural element of stall equipment in small and industrial farms. Designed for fencing animals around the perimeter, as well as fencing certain groups of animals during veterinary work. It is used on farms of intensive type in spans and separation of groups of animals. Separation of rams from sheep for lambing period, etc. Easily assembled as part of a constructor for any area. Docks with rotary machines separately and as part of the drive. It is connected to sorting gates of various formats.  

Products can be made in the following sizes:

  • 3m

  • 2 m

In stall equipment, it is fixed permanently on support posts by anchoring, or on T-shaped posts of mobile movement.

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