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Roller conveyor Sheepmaster-Express

Sheepmaster.Ru Конвейер роликовый для ягнят Sheepmaster-Express
Конвейер роликовый для ягнят Sheepmaster-Express


Roller conveyor for lambs Sheepmaster-Express


- Conveyor design provides safe, smooth and fast lambs throughput with less drag and less stress.


The conveyor can serve lambs from two weeks to two or three months, depending on the breed, with quick adjustment for different animal sizes.
The conveyor can simultaneously carry from three to seven lambs with two or more operators.  


The following operations can be carried out on the conveyor:

  • for tagging;

  • ear chipping;

  • trimming tails;

  • castration;

  • vaccination of lambs;

  • other veterinary procedures

The design adjusts easily to any edge of the pen. The height can be adjusted with the drop bars.

The retaining bars of the conveyor can be adjusted according to the size of the lambs. One operator loads the lambs into the conveyor, another operator stands at the other end of the conveyor where the lambs are served. With one or more operators working on either side of the conveyor, the system can comfortably handle more than six lambs per minute. Once the branding of the lambs is complete, the lambs are hauled out of the conveyor by their hind legs and lowered to their feet.

Conveyor dimensions:
The conveyor can be manufactured as standard.

Standard - (3-4 lamb)
And also to manufacture according to the requirements of the Customer.

Maxi - (4-7 lambs)

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